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Dance Comp Winners 2016 - full report

          2016 TSDAV Dance Composers' Competition


The TSDAV Dance Composers' Competition was held at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over Easter. It is rewarding and perfectly fitting to the National’s policy of supporting new Folk creation that the artistic organisation of the Folk Festival has continued to support this competition. The event again occupied 1 ½ hours on the Piazza from 9:30 on the Monday morning.

Our judges this year were Sheree Greenhill, Maureen Morris and Bruce McClure, and the presenters Paul Wayper and Don Richmond. The dances this year were varied and challenging, with a keen and capable set of dancers ready to tackle the new Australian dances.

The dances were presented, danced and judged anonymously. Comments from the dancers were collected with names of the devisors unknown and only announced after the judges had made and announced their decisions.

Paul presented three of his four dances: The Wide Brown Land by Keith Wood, Fireworks for the 50th by Margaret Crichton (named for the 50th National), and Rollin’ Doddy by Norm Ellis. A fourth dance was not presented due to time constraint.

After Paul’s four dances, Don presented four other dances: Four Seasons by Keith Wood, The Varndler by Kathy Potter, On Christmas Day in the Morning by Norm Ellis, and Reelin' by George Ansell.

Comments on the dances ranged from enthusiastic to critical and all were constructive.

The judges pronounced their verdict the Beat Klippel Memorial Trophy for General Social Dance going to Norm Ellis for his dance On Christmas Day in the Morning

and the VFMC Perpetual Trophy for dances for more Experienced Dancers going to Keith Wood for his dance The Wide Brown Land.

George announced the winners of the competition in the Farewell Concert in the Budawang on the Monday evening, presenting the Beat Klippel Memorial Trophy to Norm Ellis and the VFMC Perpetual Trophy to Keith Wood.

MC for the event - George Ansell